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lol-mmr was an idea. An idea to track progression.  I truly believe that the only way to keep on improving is to actually understand ourselves, what went wrong and what went well. Data are prone to noises. Our goal is to redefine game data by  tackling the challenge and place them in their context and present them in a meaningful ways.  

It has been a quite journey for this website. It was back in October, 2014 when this website was founded. Truth be told, back then,  I knew nothing about web development. Luckily, Riot Games just happened to published their Public API and I took the opportunity to try.

If no one is going to do this, I will.

After few weeks of tutorials and experiments, I published a site, under the name

Since then, has grown so much more than I imagined. I owe this new found knowledge to League of Legends. I will continue to help others where I can.

I believe nothing is impossible. If you have the same believe as I am and others that has joined, this website is for you.

All the best,

Hafiz Kani @Icronos

Founder of and