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Recently I posted an article on how to gain more lol LP  and I was not satisfied by the findings. It was mediocre at its best. Although, from that research we know that we require few things in order to gain better Elo points and higher LP.

  • You gain LP when you win.
  • You lose LP when you are defeated.
  • You gain more if you win against higher MMR/Elo opponents.
  • You lose more you are defeated against a lower Elo opponents.

I have to add one more point to link them together, which I should have done before

  • In order to gain higher Elo points, we have to maintain good win rates, to be matched with more challenging games, which basically result in more LP


That is pretty much obvious, it does not add value or new information. It was pretty much a waste of time

Then it struck me, I have all this resources at my disposal, I have the tool to track game progress, I have timeline data to understand games in a much finer details. So I started to have a look into it more. My first thought, “Hey, why not look into one of the SKT T1 players, maybe there’s something that we could use? “.

In this case study, I decided to have a look at SKT T1 Bang data, and see if we find anything we could take and learn from.

SKT T1 Bang Skill Chart overview


Summoner: SKT T1 Bang

Region: KR server

Case Study: March 13, 2016

Next 30 day tier Forecast: Challenger

With that amount of LP collected, it might take a lot of losses, tilting, and severe internet connection problem to drop him


The Case Study Begins



So what exactly are we looking at? What we’re looking at is a Skill Chart with Skill Point (estimation of MMR/Elo points) and they are spread through times as it is recorded, calculated and plotted on the date the game was played.


Yellow dots represents the skill point


White line is daily average lines


Red dotted line is the best fit line for all the scatter points we have so far.

For an overview of the progress lets focus on the white lines, and for the gradients, we used the red dotted lines.

Looking at the overview of the Skill Progress Chart, we can see that there is quite a big move of different tier and division just within 2 months.  Like everyone else, he has dropped quite a big gap at the start of the Season 6. Then, he was basically crushing the games with a nice rate of progression. His daiily average lines moves  in 4 waves motion. As we all know now, (or refer back to what is MMR post), those 4 motions is the result of match making trying to balance itself, giving you a tougher games and better overall opponents.


So, if you start to have a losing streak, don’t sweat it, its part of the game 🙂


Just focus on your winning streak and let the momentum slides.

If you looked through the ups and down, even with tougher games, he was able to break them with a much longer win streaks. These ultimately raised his points higher than his previous high points.

So what? We expected this from him right?  Well he does play for one of the best team in Korea, and of course he is expected to climb that far.  Despite that, we need to keep in mind though, even if he is, the group of player that he is playing against are similar to him or even better than he is in every aspect. So that argument is invalid.

What is the key to maintain his win rates, and keep getting higher LP?

He has 25 champions that he used so far within, and that is within 478 games. Quite a narrow choice of champion pick. We can tell, from his match history overview, he is obviously ADC main. So I looked through every single champions that he have used so far within the seasons, Although, some of his pick are champions like Ryze, Fiora, Lulu, Alistar which are not his main, but most of these champions are one or two games that he never really pick again (or will he?).

His most picked champions includes Vayne, Graves, Lucian, Corki and Kogmaw.

Now, we’re starting to see some patterns.

  • He mains a certain role, and excels at it.
  • In every drops of his skill points, which basically resulted from series of losses, he was able to keep a much longer win streak.

The million dollar question is how?

Let us see through this points, and what actually allow him to get through with an impressive rates of progress. Dive in deeper into the data and see what it can give us.

Analysis by Champions

1) Vayne


Vayne was played in 9 games so far. Obviously, he have used him as ADC in Bottom Lane. He also has some impressive win rates with Vayne against Sivir for 2 games and lose majestically against Ezreal. 100% of his games has loses when he was supported by Morgana and Bard. If you looked at the simplified Skill Level Chart, there is a huge slump in skill level, which is resulted from huge lost.

Note: Keep in mind, the skill level chart in Match history are the simplified version. The x-axis are sequence of when the games is played rather than time.

Looking through this data, there is not much we can get from it, but at the very least we know that some of his losing streak is contributed by using Vayne.

2) Graves


Graves have been used 6 times so far. When we looked at the Main Skill Chart, which is spread in time, its does not look as good as his average Skill Level gradient as for with Vayne. Interestingly, both of these games, he has used Graves for Jungle (???)

Ok, let me confirm that..

Yup.. its confirmed.

This is quite an interesting meta from what most of us used to. Both games are won against Elise. I can see why Elise would struggle against Graves.

This picked looks pretty situational or should I say a counter pick?

Well maybe. But it is obvious that, he is doing this to secure his winning chances pretty hard.


3) Kogmaw

skt t1 bang kogmaw 03 13 2016

skt t1 bang kogmaw data


Kog’Maw , there are in total of 9 games. Roughly 50% of his picked with Kog’Maw  are when Braum was as a support.

Better combo maybe?  Duo premade

From the Simplified Skill Level Chart, theres an obvious ups and down with his games.  This is fairly  50:50 games, and contributes at minimum of his overall progress, which I should rather say are more likely to contribute more as part of his losing streak. Although, he has better win rates against Ezreal with Kog’Maw as compared to when he was using Vayne.

This again looks very much like a situational pick.


4) Corki

skt t1 bang corki chart



Now, we are starting to see more interesting data. He has a good progress, initially with Corki, going through Master and Challenger level and slowly started to stagnant in with his rates of Skill Points gains. This rates gradually decreased overtime. If we understood how MMR works in League of Legends, it is normal that Match Making starts to gradually drops his points, especially when he is at the highest point of mmr/elo spectrum. Majority of his games with Corki is again are ADC in bottom lanes, with a few games against Zed in mid lane.

It is also quite a well diverse support list and opponents. This is 49 games which are picked with Corki, which it seem like he is very comfortable with playing. and win.

5) Lucian

skt t1 bang lucian chart 13 03 2016


He has used Lucian for 53 games. This is his highest picked Champion, on top of Corki. His Skill Chart is showing that majority of what contributes to his growth is based on his Lucian picked games.

Note:There are not a lot of points in the skill chart with his Lucian pick since most of his game were not recorded on time.

That’s more than what he have used, for the other champions we have mentioned so far. His win rates against most of his lane opponent are also higher in comparison, except for Miss Fortune. Even with diverse support pick, he managed to go through the games much better than the rest.



  • He has quite a narrow picked in Champions
  • His roles are narrow and specialised, and he excels in it
  • He has 2 main Champion in this specific roles which he plays and both have diverse Support selection and Opponents and most importantly he has high win rates and ultimately raised his mmr and elo points over time.
  • Some of his other pick are situational and counter pick, but still only a few selection. This is important. Some of us, likes to test with Counter picks with Champions we are not used to and we all know how that turns out
  • His ADC picks are specific to his play style, most of the games he excels with are Champions that have dashes ability i.e. Corki, Lucian, Graves.. except for Vayne and Kogmaw .



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