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Hi all, hows everyone doing? Just a quick notification. I have updated few things which I have been thinking alot about lately.

Match History Quick Update Button

I have been thinking a lot about the recent comment from reddit. I know its really a hassle to update your games one by one. I am a user too.

It was a battle of data collecting efficiency and user experience. So I eventually decided to side with user experience.

What is it?

This button quickly loads the game details of your most 10 recent games. Filtered games or not, it does not matter. By doing this, I hope to speed up the data gathering, especially when you requires the data fast to unlock your opponents games.

Skill Progress Chart Sharing Button

I have finally re-added the share button for Progress Chart features. It used to be there, and now its back.

I’m thinking if I should also add the feature to download your progress chart as an image. For this one, I’m not sure if you would be annoyed or not. I know I would not like it, if someone downloads stuff without my permission.

Let me know in the comment section, if you would love to have this feature.


Until next post, have a great day 🙂

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