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This is a part 1 guide for Current Match Info (or also called in game feature) : Opponent Path. Lets utilized this tool to gain your early advantage.

How do you get your Current Match Info?

  1. When you are in loading screen, you have roughly about 60-120 second to do things before your game start. You can do almost anything within that 2 minutes. Some would rather take a piss, some would make coffee, and some would check up on their enemy to start with an advantage.
  2. If you choose the latter, this is a guide for you 😛  Lets get started
  3. Go to your Profile, by entering your summoner name in the home page. Search your name
  4. You will be directed to your profile page, from here there are 2 ways you can get to your current match info 

    ingame feature header
    Click on “In game” from header
profile sidebar
Click In game status from sidebar


5. Then you will be brought to your game info page. Here you will be presented with player infos, including your team mate, champion data and tips, runes and masteries, skill level etc. Keep in mind, you have limited time to do get what you want, use it wisely. For this guide, Im going to show you how to get a jungler path. Lets click on the Lee Sin player as an example. By clicking the player names, you will be taken to the filtered Match History based on what the player is using, in this case Lee Sin


ingame player list
Player list in the game info page. So lets click on Lee Sin name “Klim” as an example

Lets Get the Player Previous Jungle Path

6. You should be in the your opponent match history , and the tool will start to fetch the player data. Once its completely loaded, which usually takes roughly about 10 second depending on the site traffic.



opponent match history
Sample of Match History Filtered with Lee Sin. His Game Card are not fully loaded, you cant see his previous game players and the symbol  ↻ is shown 


There are few things, you can quickly gather, first is their roles. How well rounded the player are with their current Champion. This player have used Lee Sin for Support (???), Solo Top, and Jungle. That is quite a well rounded player. So he must be experienced, for a lot of situations dealing with his current Champion.

roles filtered by champion

7. Click the “Quick Load” button to fill up the gap in data, to acquire their timeline information. This might take 3-5 seconds.  Again this will depend on how crazy the traffic is, I cannot promise this.

What is quick load button

8. Once it is fully filled up, his Match History game card will be filled with, players he has been playing with and against, how difficult his game recently is and most of all his time line data.


pick a game
Match History Game Card
see more match history
Click on this button, with symbol ‘ > ‘ , to start showing his timeline data.

9. You will be presented with the player timeline info, previous Map Summary, Abilities, Runes and Masteries. To get to his path info, click his Champion, in this case Lee Sin from Player Filter. And Click Path from the Heat Map. The map below shows his path from the Early game (defined before the first turret down)


And there you go, that is roughly about 60 second, if you know what to look for. You can tell he started from reds side before going to Blue based on his previous games. 🙂

Be creative with the tools, there’s a lot more you can do with it, which I will post in Part 2.

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