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It sucks when you just won a game, which mind you, it took almost an hour to finish. Then you found out that you only gained +1 point. What even more frustrating is, when you lose your next game, and the game took 25 points. That will take another 3-4 games to get back. I have been searching around the internet on a mission to answer : How to gain more League Points?  Back in the previous post, I have discussed about what exactly  mmr and elo and where the concept was adopted from.

Just a bit of recap, your mmr is your relative skill points that is totally hidden from you. League Points on the other hand different scale entirely, but they are very much related. Before I get on to the question, first and foremost, what is League Points (LP)?

League Points in its basic definition is a scale system of your League Tier and Divisions, ranging within 0 – 100. You gain points on your winning games and lose points when you are defeated. They get reset oce you proceed to the next Tier and Division.

In elo scoring system, similar like chess, is a zero sum game. Zero sum games means, you gain points from the Players you won over in your recent games. So your league points are affected by your opponents skill. How much you gain LP and lose LP really depends on the difference between your mmr or hidden elo  and your opponent’s. They play a big part in the calculations.

As an example,

Now, lets assume that you have been playing rank for awhile and you are consistent with your games and skills. As you proceed with more win games, LoL Match Making system will test you against better and more difficult players. It then score you based on your result against them. Say you are in Gold III and you are playing against Gold I tiers, you will gain more LP in comparison to when you are against a division lower or similar to yours. But you will lose more points when you are defeated against a lower League than you. You can find this out from the in game feature, and see if the Skill Level of the games are higher or lower than your current League.

Simple right? Well sort of.

The truth is, there are other varibales to consider. Elo scoring system like Chess, are scored based an your individual points.  We need to remind ourselves, the difference between League of Legends and Chess is that League of Legends is a team game. When we’re talking about a team game, a lot of variables  start to comes into play: your team internet connections, personal lives and environments, distractions, morale, psychology, confidence, decision making and on and on and on.

What can you do about it?

There are few things you can control in order to influence the result of your games, which ultimately your affects your mmr and league points.

You cannot control

  • Who you will be playing against.
  • Who your team is in solo queue.


You can control

  • How you play in lane, team fights.
  • How you behave around your team which will ultimately affect the team morale
  • Behavior of your opponent team
  • Who you will be playing with in your team. Especially with the new Dynamic queue


To sums it up.

How to gain more League Points?

  • You gain LP when you win.
  • You lose LP when you are defeated.
  • You gain more if you win against higher MMR/Elo opponents.
  • You lose more you are defeated against a lower Elo opponents.


Updated, and this is an important one

  • In order to gain higher Elo points, we have to maintain good win rates. This allows us to be matched with more challenging games, which basically result in more LP. Remeber its a cycle, the harder the battle, the better the rewards.

Until next post, good luck and have fun!



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